Why Fairvilla:
We offer a good alternative to the social housing marked. Jointly share housing with responsibility plus the possitive aspects for the environment can be very reassuring.
As a resident you have full use of the garden and the facilities in the house. It is overall cheaper & better towards your own carbon footprint and in return very friendly to your wallet.

The property:
Comfortable living is a right of every human being. Which motivates Fairvilla to provide tenants for villas, farmhouses and two-under-one-roof for housing.
This means, living spaces with a decent size and furniture, plenty of cooking space, and comfortable washing and relaxing space. Connections for Gas, Water and Electricity, TV & Internet * (wireless) is also present.

Who are our residents:
Our residents are for instance; singles, couples, students and expats. Some are looking for temporary housing, others want permanent living and affordable housing for a reasonable price.

Our pre-selection is strict but fair:
We expect our tenants to be social, hygienic and co-operative. Financially sound and capable of making rent payments on time.

Our task:
Fairvilla intercedes for you, we will find you the best room in our opinion, perfectly suited to your circumstances. We take the utmost account of your wishes regarding for example the age of your roommates, accessibility associated with living, working etc.

Dividing living space:

A spacious house with several rooms, garden and / or sun terrace. In some cases even a sauna or a garage gym. The room or floor that you hire should naturally be attractive & appealing to you, both the private rooms, living room (s), utility room (washing and drying), bathroom (s), restrooms, and storage spaces which are for shared use.

Click here for more information on this property!.

How it works:
We are looking for tenants that fit together and easyly can afford the rent. A caretaker / head tenant ** is your main contact at home. The latter gets a rent and cost reduction of Fairvilla for his / her actions. The distribution of male / female ratio we keep a close eye, each tenant must feel safe and comfortable at home.

Membership for the login section *** happens after registration and payment of 4.99 euros by Ideal or Paypal. The rent we write off trough automatic debit for the first of the new month.
The garanty deposit consists of one month excl. GWL.
First down payment consists of two months rent, expenses and the guarantee deposit.
After three late payments or automatic debit failures, we must terminate the contract and you must leave the room.
(Additional information: Minimum rental period is 3 months notice period is at least 1 month).
We also request a "start-up fee" of 50 euro administration. The monthly fees, furniture leasing, administration, internet connection etc. are about 8% of the rent per month.
During the pre-selection we may want a number of documents, for instance a: IB -60 form.

If in agreement with roommates domestic help is possible and favorable. Contracts in this regard should be done seperatly. If you require we have some useful documents available. Click here for the standaard house rules

If you want to rent with Fairvila you should immediately make a downpayment (see payment). We will then process the paperwork and you have as fast as possible living accomodation. When considering a candidate, Fairvilla will look at what best suits your needs and wishes of the owner of the property. You should also be able to demonstrate that you have a liability and home contents insurence. Once the application and payment is recieved the household rules can be drawn up and rental contract signed. We also need:
-Copy of passport or / and other ID
-Employer's statement or employment contract with your recent payslip
-Proof of payment (social unemployment allowance)
-Copy of your bank account (s)
-Students Annex Payment
-Entry-school and parent guarantee (signed)
-Proof of insurances

Pay on time is important, as is providing information about emergencies.
If all documents are in order, we sign the contract... Congratulations!

You can respond to the site "http://www.fairvilla.eu" or send a e-mail to our office.
Fill-in the membership form and the search can begin.

* TV connection to your own room for a fee. TV in the common living room is not recommended. Internet we involve third parties they are directly liable for this service.

** You to wanna be a main tenant / caretaker? This is possible, what are the benefits and what are the responsibilities? Together with Fairvilla you are directly involved in the management of the building. (Annex with explanation)

*** Login section of the website. If you register as a member you will receive instant access to any information regarding the property, you also get priority over unregistered house hunters.(Link to registration login)