Our method

We are continusly looking for a spacious houses, with several rooms, a garden and sun terrace, in some cases even a sauna or a garage gym. This house we distribute in private pieces together with communal areas.

How does it work for the tenants:
We are looking for tenants that fit together and can easely affort the rent for there space. A caretaker / main tenant is your main contact in the home. The latter gets a rent and cost reduction of Fairvilla for his / her actions. On the dividing of male / female ratio we keep a close eye, each tenant must feel safe and comfortable at home. The room or floor that you hire should naturally feel attractive and appealing to you, the private room(s), but also the living room, utility room (washing and drying), bathroom (s), restrooms, and storage space you share with your roommates. If so, then we make the agreements, contracts, do a 2e screening and see who fits together.

Membership for the login section occurs after registration and payment of 4.99 euros by Ideal or Paypal.
The rent will be paid through direct automatic debit for the first of the month.
The garanty deposit consists of one month excl. GWL.
First down payment consists of two months rent, expenses and the guarantee deposit.
After three late payments or automatic debit failures, we must terminate the contract and you must leave the room.

Now how exactly does it work for the owners?
We are looking for tenants that fit together and can afford the property. In all Fairvilla houses there is a one main contact point, the main tenant / caretaker. They will get a discount on the total lodgingcost of Fairvilla for his / her actions.

Handling towards the owners:
Our employees are constantly working to match supply and demand. Skilfully these matches will be submitted to the parties, then there is a viewing. If the tenant wishes to rent your property and we will do a second screening, we take care of the further guidance and continuation of the rental process.
Should one or more tenants wish to leave the property we will look for a new candidate straight away. In this case no substantial rental loss will occur because we continuously deal with maintaining the property fully rented.
Insuring the property (building / fire) is the responsibility of the owner.

Conservation and maintenance:
Next to administration Fairvilla can also facilitate with the conservation and management of the property. Plus if you wish to have regular cleaning (also external) maintenance, this can also be arranged.

If in agreement with all roommates domestic help is possible and favorable.
Contracts in this regard should be done seperatly, if you require we have some useful documents available. Click here for the house rules. (Dutch)