Property Owners

We are an enthusiastic, reliable, open, hardworking and a dynamic organisation. Fairvilla introduces a new approach to shared rental with one point of contact at a low risk to your account. With Fairvilla professional management is a guarentee.

The property:
If your property has been empty for a while and you want to get rid of ongoing charges and costs and you rather earn money and let your property work for you? We offer various solutions.
Partial-Rental can offer a solution, if you want to eliminate problems with payments and time interviewing tenants, we are the solution.
With the permission of the bank, you can temporarily rent out your second home. Even if your property is for sale for some time and your assets (including housing) makes a healthy impression, if necessary with the help from Fairvilla you can submit a request to the bank for long term rental. You can also temporarily lease the property.

Who are our tenants:
Singles, couples, students, expats between 20 and 70 years. The group of expats and students between 20 and 40 is often looking for temporary housing. A slightly larger group between 25 and 70 years is looking for affordable housing with reasonable comfort.

Our pre-selection is strict but fair:
We expect that our tenants are socially competent, hygiene is high on their priorities and their finances must be in order. We work with various parties to check this to the fullest extend possible.

Our tasks:
Fair Villa features a well-stocked database of house hunters registered with us, both for the short and long term. In the modified Vacancy Permits Act of 2009, 2010 and 2013, it is possible to temporarily rent-out your house.

Distribution living space:
If a villa, farmhouse or spacious house over 150m2 living space and includes minimal two private rooms, we can offer your property to our tenants. If there are four rooms we can determine in consultation if we rent out tree ore four rooms. Obviously, the yield depends on the private square meters and the joint space, here for we use a standard module. Extra luxury, large garden, pool or a large utility room with washing machine and cross trainer or a tanning bed is for us and our tenants extra value. An entire floor rental is also possible. Everything between 350 and 1000 euro range is negotiable.

Now how exactly does it work?
We are looking for some tenants that fit together and can afford the rent. In all Fairvilla houses there is a point of contact, (caretaker / main tenant). They will get a discount on the total rental costs of Fairvilla for his / her services.

How we deal with you and how we deal with our tenants:
We will refund you fully agreed rent, this is excluding property tax (OZB). We think (because it is your property) that this is your responsibility. All other costs and taxes are basically for us and our tenants, there is one exception and that is the hard maintenance. These for instance include the roofs, walls, door frames of your property. Before parties (owners & Fairvilla) sign an agreement to rent the property the house must meet various quality points, every six months there is a general control / inspection of the state of the property. In an emergency, such as leakage, we expect this to be dealt with (by you the owner) immediately. If not we have the right to cancel the agreement and empty the property.
The tenants pay us an amount for mediations, administration, media connections and other general expenses. The cleaning, GWL, rent and taxes are transparent for each parties.

Our employees are continuously working to match both tenants and properties professionally. These matches will be submitted to the parties, then they can be visited. If the tenant wishes to rent your property and they have passed a second screening. We wil take care of the guidance and continuation of the rental process.
Should one or more tenants leave the premises, we are looking for a new candidates immediately. In this case no serious rental revenue los will occur because we deal with maintaining the property fully rented and give a 95% guarantee.
Insuring the property (building / fire) is the responsibility of the owner.

Management & cleaning:
Fairvilla can also facilitate with the administrative and management of the property. Plus if you wish to have regular cleaning (also external) maintenance this can also be arranged.

It is also possible for Fairvilla to rent your apartment. Rental of part of your home or a single room rental is also possible and we can mediate, while you continue living in your home.
Also for our tenants (e.g. expatriates) capabilities to enable a cleaning service, obtaining a public transport map, renting a car, bicycle, or parking vignettes. We also promote among our tenants "edible garden", telecommuting, sharing of transport and other sustainable activities.

Discontinuation of Agreement:
Both parties are free to terminate the co-operation under the rules of Dutch temporary tenancy and rent provisions of 2009, 2010 and 2013 of the leegstandsvergunningswet.